How do we improve skills every day to help with article writing services?

Did you know that 78% of internet users search for products online? The increase in usage of the internet as a marketplace has made digital marketing very important. For this reason, you need professional article writing services, blog writing services, and SEO content writing services in your marketing team.

Digital marketing comprises of a lot of activities. Here, we’ll be focusing more on the role of blogs, content marketing, and on-page SEO. Let’s see how professional writers can help you better than anyone else.

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Why do You Need Professional Blog and Article Writing Services?

Blogs and articles are a small part of what is growing popular today – content writing. What is content writing, when speaking in terms of digital marketing?

Content writing is the art of writing about your products or services for an audience that likes to read online. It can be in the form of blogs, articles, titles, or taglines used on social media posts. Blogs alone have helped 57% of businesses in acquiring new customers.

Content writing is not an easy task as it involves a large amount of research and takes a lot of time. 78% of companies have been hiring professionals who can provide blog writing services, article writing services, and SEO content writing services.

This is because having it done from a third-party professional service provider is a faster option. This will also be more effective as the professional know how to use keywords properly.

What Does a Professional Content Writer Give You?

When you hire a professional for article writing services, here’s what you’ll find in every article:

  • Title – One that is compelling, so that the reader is attracted to it and reads the full article. Often people tend to ignore articles with boring titles.
  • Writing in First Person – Any article given by a professional writer will have minimal usage of the words “he”, “she”, “it”, or “they”. You’ll find more words like “I” and “we”.
  • Active Voice – Writing sentences in passive voice makes it hard for the reader to understand what the writer is trying to say. That’s why you’ll find sentences in the active voice for most articles.
  • Short Sentences – Too big sentences can become boring and difficult to understand. You’ll lose interest in the article and won’t read it completely. Thus, you’ll find every good log or article having short sentences so that the message is conveyed to you.
  • Short Paragraphs – Writing long paragraphs can turn off any reader. Writing short paragraphs helps you read fast and finish the article quickly.
  • Usage of Bullet Points – You’ll find plenty of images, points and infographics in a good article. These get your attention to read the entire article.
  • Simple words – You won’t find any words that are harder to pronounce in any web article or blog. Remember, there are a lot of people online reading that article, and not all may be fluent in English. This is why writers use simple words that are easy to read and understand.
  • Grammar – A professional writer is always grammatically correct. Incorrect grammar may change the message, or even worse spoils the reputation of the writer, your brand that is being presented. It can also make the article difficult to read and understand.

SEO Content Writing VS Content Writing

We know how content writing is a term used for writing anything for the web today. Then how does the word “SEO” add meaning to it? The difference between the two terms lies in the presence of keywords.

The most important feature of SEO content writing is to have the right keywords. So, make sure you hire a writer who can decide the keywords beforehand as these will determine where your article stands in the search list.

Blogs VS Articles

Blogs are one of the oldest methods of attracting customers online. A lot of people come online for knowledge. This allows you to write about anything you want to.

Many companies’ websites have a separate page for blogs where they write about their products and services.

You can register your own domain also and write about anything you want to. If you have a large audience base, many companies would want to tie up with you for blog writing services. It gives them a platform to advertise their products and services, and it can be a win-win situation for both parties.

Articles, on the other hand, are impersonal and generic in nature. They do help in promoting your products and services but in a more indirect manner. They’re posted on PR sites, news sites, and other article submission sites.

How Can We Help?

The field of digital marketing has seen a great demand for online marketing services, and it is expected to grow much more.

We are here to help you with all these services, be it SEO content writing, article writing services, our blog writing services. Our team of professionals can develop content for you, specially tailored for your business’s needs.   

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