How to Write a Proposal to Win Customers?

Have you been struggling as a freelancer to get clients for a long time now? If yes, then you’ve landed on the right page. Here, we’ll be sharing our own experience of how we bid content writing services to help you write winning proposals to customers.

You could be a graphic designer or a web developer by profession. Your skills in any field should reach the customer in your very first approach. That’s exactly what we do when we bid content writing services to our target customers. Our writing skills, our strength, and our experience reach the prospective client in the very first approach.



So, how can a single proposal be enough to win a customer when it hasn’t worked for you so far? Let’s take a look at some proposal writing tips for you that might turn your career around.

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How We Bid Content Writing Services to Our Target Customers

Winning a client is a step-by-step process which starts from understanding who can be your client to satisfying him with your service. Whether you belong to the field of freelance content writing or are a company providing transportation services, these tips are universal to every service provider in the market:

Understand the Requirement of the Buyer: The buyer’s requirements are not merely restricted to what he wants, but the level of
service he requires and the price he is willing to pay in return.

Hit the Target in Your First Line: You don’t start with an introduction that bluntly spells your name and profession – you need to specify
a lot more than that in your very first line.

Tell them What Your Public Profile Does Not Display: When you bid a prospective customer, tell them what you have really done to find yourself fit for the job instead of just low prices.

Make Yourself Sound Worth the Price: You don’t come down for the sake of winning your customer – that only shows him that you’re desperate. Instead, you explain what makes you stand out to charge the amount. 

We’ll give you an example to explain the above points. Let’s suppose that you’re a website developer. If you need us to write your offer, here’s how we would go about it: 

“We are a team of web designers and developers in India. Over the past 8 years, we have created unique website designs and e-commerce solutions for over 200 organizations. Whether you’re looking for a highly-functional website that stands out or something simple, we’ll provide you with the best rates.”

Do you see everything that is necessary for approaching a customer? This is a generic example of how an offer is usually made. Quoting a specific buyer, having specific requirements might be tougher. 

So, here’s what we suggest you to ask yourself before quoting the buyer:

Can you give him the service he is looking for?

Does the client’s budget match your pricing?

Will you be able to meet your target on time?

Usually, a potential buyer is meant to be your client only when the answer to the above questions is “YES”. 


Here’s an explanation to what we usually do for approaching our clients.

There are plenty of companies who look for content writing services in India – not just within the country, but also abroad. This is because we provide skilled services at affordable rates.

When we approach our target customer, we mention the following in our proposal:

  • We are a team of professionals providing content writing services in India
  • We have 5 years of experience in content writing
  • The relevant projects we have worked on
  • Delivery period
  • Price

All of the above-mentioned points are framed well and presented to the potential buyer. That one proposal makes the customer understand who we are and why we are worth taking a shot. However, one of the main reasons why it works is because our quote matches the requirements of the client.

Now, convincing a customer is an art, just so as writing is. If a written proposal is what you need and you somehow cannot sound as convincing as you are verbally, then we’re here to help you.

Fortunately, you can hire professional content writing services in India who can help you write a convincing proposal. Just tell us about yourself and what you want to offer the client. While handling your client would be your job, the first step of attracting him through a written quotation will be ours. 

Whether you need to place a bid among several competitors on a freelance site, or need to send an introductory mail, our team of writers are trained to give you whatever you need. 



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