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How to Write a LinkedIn Connection Request

Which platform comes to mind first when you think about advancing your career or growing your business? Presumably LinkedIn!

However, success isn’t guaranteed by simply having a LinkedIn page. To achieve the desired effects, you must use it correctly. But don’t worry. With our professional advice on crafting the ideal LinkedIn connection request message, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll provide some tips in this post to assist you in creating effective LinkedIn connection requests. But before that, let’s quickly review what a LinkedIn connection request is and what its purpose is.

A Connection Message on LinkedIn: What Is It?

A quick message that you can include with a connection invite that you send to a LinkedIn member is called a connection request message. Include your introduction and the reasons for connecting with them in this note.

Compared to submitting a generic connection request, sending a personalized letter on LinkedIn conveys genuine interest and increases your chances of making more connections.

Purpose of LinkedIn Connection Request

LinkedIn connection requests require more than just a click of a button. Actually, they’re chances to broaden your network of contacts in the business world and get insightful knowledge.

Here are some reasons for their significance and the results you can get from them:

Networking: You can connect with professionals outside of your current network by sending connection requests on LinkedIn. It gives you a chance to meet new people who might become collaborators, employers, or mentors.

Information Exchange: Making a connection with someone lets you communicate with them outside of LinkedIn. For instance, you may ask for their email ID so that you can stay in contact and share updates about developments in your respective sectors.

Company Updates: Networking with people in your industry may open doors to collaboration and insider information. You can utilize these connections to stay up to date on industry news and advancements.

Professional Research: You might want to look through a person’s profile, including their job history, qualifications, and endorsements, before sending them a connection request. This data can be used to customize your connection request and the conversations that follow.

Network Expansion: One excellent strategy for growing your network is to make use of shared contacts. You might want to extend an invitation to connect with someone if they have links with any of your current contacts. Additionally, if they grant your request, you may be introduced to a larger group of experts or professionals who share your interests.

Tips to Write a LinkedIn Connection Message

Even though there isn’t a set formula for crafting LinkedIn connection messages, these tips can help you write more compelling connection requests:

Start with a greeting

Make an excellent impression from the first. Make sure the tone is appropriate and provide the recipient’s name.

Add a quick introduction

Provide some more info to entice people to connect with you. Let them know your employer, industry, and any other information you think might be helpful.

Mention common interests

Mention something interesting to the message recipient to pique their interest. Perhaps you both work in the same business, are entrepreneurs, were in the same school, belong to the same LinkedIn group, etc.

Tell them why you’re reaching out

Why do you want to connect with them on LinkedIn? Describe how there might be a mutually beneficial connection.

Add an insightful conclusion

“Best wishes” or “Warm regards” at the end of your LinkedIn connection request message could be overly generic and out of tone. Rather, express eagerness by concluding your message with either “I’m eager to hear from you” or “I can’t wait to hear your thoughts,” depending on the situation.

Proofread your message

Make sure your connection message is error-free before sending it. Errors in spelling and punctuation can give the impression that you’re not someone they want in their network.

Wrapping It Up!

As you can see, creating a strong connection request on LinkedIn is essential to establishing fruitful contacts. When crafting a message to establish a connection on the network, remember to be specific, identify points of agreement, articulate your goals clearly, and conclude with a cordial invitation for more conversation. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date before you begin requesting connections. You can always contact us to get guidance on enhancing your headline or message content.

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