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Maintaining an online presence is a daily task. Your online interactions with customers through various websites, portals and platforms continually shape your brand image. Staying in-step with new trends or changes in web design, content requirements and customer interactions is important to ensure that your brand continues to hold the attention and loyalty of its audience. I help you achieve this by identifying crucial ways in which your customers can be reached out and a connection can be established. Along with my team, I work in building a positive reputation for your brand which can secure your position in the market and among your customers.

Good content is subjective because the quality of your content is decided by your audience’s reactions. While beautiful exaggerations work well for travel companies, they may not impress a user reading a medical blog. Knowing how to place your words and create content which is apt for your clients is the key to online successfulness. With my experience, I help you capture the attention of your audience through content that is relevant and adds value for your prospective audience.

My work is done keeping internet compliance in mind and by helping you measure the successfulness of my projects or campaigns with the help of web analytics. I identify gaps in existing campaigns and projects and support your brand in identifying ways to bridge these gaps. In doing so, I establish long-standing relationships built on trust and understanding.

Services I Provide

Beautiful aesthetics attract users to a website, but good content provides them with reason to stay and explore the website further. Based on varying requirements, I weave stories about products, write about product or service experiences and provide your users with detailed information about your brand through your website content. The content is checked using premium tools to ensure that your website is SEO friendly and free of plagiarism. I work closely with a representative from your company to understand your unique business needs. This ensures that the results I offer are aligned with your business needs.  

One of the biggest drivers in maintaining an online presence is to ensure that you can be visible to clients searching for the products and services you offer. While paid ads are useful, articles and blogs offer long-time value. Once you put up your blogs or articles, you can attract potential customers who may not know about your company but are looking for the products or services you offer. Since the blogs will remain till the time you choose to delete them you will be able to benefit from the customers they convert. I help you create quality articles and blogs which offer value to your customers.

Whether you are trying to overcome writer’s block by harnessing different ideas for a plot or you are looking for writers who can write an entire book for you, I can help. I have worked with several writers to ghostwrite novels, educational books, and even informative e-books. When needed I will align my writing patterns with any of the patterns you specifically choose or require. I offer as many revisions as required to provide you with high-quality write-ups that meet your expectations.

Search engines regularly update their algorithms. This means that the SEO rules you follow continually change and your website or blog must align itself with the current rules to ensure visibility and higher rankings. I have worked with many clients to either update their website’s SEO strategies or to start from ground zero and optimize a website for search engines. My clients enjoy visible and measurable results from my work. With a team of SEO analysts and digital marketing experts, I identify the most viable solutions for your business goals related to maintaining a strong online presence.

I help clients market their products and services through various channels on the internet. This includes paid as well as free marketing strategies. We discuss the different options available for targeting your audience and ensuring higher returns on your investments. A lot of time and effort is put into identifying the right methods through which your product or service can be marketed on different platforms. All decisions are taken by closely working with your team. Informed decisions are taken for running campaigns either directly or through affiliates and influencers. Goals like improving your brand’s market reputation, reaching new markets, identifying new audiences and engaging current audiences can be fulfilled through our digital marketing solutions.

I help organizations create quality social marketing campaigns which improve brand visibility and customer engagement. With extensive experience in working with different industries for social media marketing, I have the expertise and market acumen which can propel your business to successfulness by harnessing the benefits offered by various social media platforms. Based on your requirements I can work with your team to create a strong social media campaign on as many platforms as you would like. This work may involve basic posts or the use of influencers and affiliates to promote your brand.

I draft speeches and letters for board members in several reputed companies. These speeches go through careful analysis to ensure that the choice of words meet the quality your business aspires for. My clients have regularly used my speech drafting services because I ensure that the speeches are impactful for your audience. Additionally, I also help clients draft business letters based on their business requirements. It reduces the time and effort involved in drafting speeches and letters so that you can focus more on your core business.

With ample amounts of data available for us to measure results and identify the effectiveness of our actions, analytics plays an important role in making business decisions. I help your business gear towards successfulness by providing analytics services which can aid your decision-making and chart a success path for your business. These analytics reports are also useful in identifying the returns on investment and whether a campaign deserves more investment or should be stopped because of low returns.

Help your business find a voice that easily reaches out to your potential customers and target markets. Effective branding gives your business the personality and reputation you desire. It can help you stand out in the market and make sure that your customers easily recognize your brand. My branding services ensure that your business overcomes unwanted hindrances of poor visibility caused by poor branding efforts.

I provide you with insight into the type of content suitable for your target audience and strategies which can work and those that may fail. Since online marketing campaigns can be affected by several factors, I work closely with your team to identify the factors which can change the impact of your marketing efforts. At the same time, I also provide consultation services on content creation and what kind of content will be most effective for your business goals. My consultation services help you make informed decisions about marketing campaigns and the content you plan to float on the internet.

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