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Types of Digital Marketing Services and How to Use Them

Digital marketing has grown by leaps and bounds. It has almost expanded into being an industry on its own. Millions of people consume data every day made available through digital marketers. Mostly, digital marketing is seen as a tool to improve business profitability. However, it invariably addresses several other business problems like maintaining market reputation, increasing audience engagement and improving customer loyalty.  


Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a crucial element of digital marketing services provided by agencies. It is the set of tactics you utilize to optimize your website for better visibility in search engines. Optimization happens on several different levels. An SEO expert typically audits an existing website to identify existing gaps. For new websites, the professional would lay down the SEO guidelines to be followed by web designers and developers as well as content creators.

The SEO audit helps you check the key areas which require optimization. It can be your website’s design, the architecture or the content. A good digital marketing company would be able to provide you with a holistic solution for SEO that goes beyond content.


Short for Search Engine Marketing, SEM is sometimes considered to be a part of SEO. When you pay for your website to be advertised above all other search results then it is considered as SEM. A digital marketing services company would suggest optimization to be carried out in concurrence with SEM. This is a service that involves investment in the advertisements.

When you use SEM, your website will automatically show up in the top results on the first page with the words ‘Ad’ written before it to indicate to audiences that it is an advertisement. This form of marketing helps you drive paid traffic to your website using specific keyword search results.


Pay per Click advertisements is a form of marketing where you pay the platform for advertising if a user clicks on your advertisement. This can be used by search engines for SEM. Other places where PPC marketing is commonly used are social media platforms and display advertising on websites.

It is a marketing method used by several companies to increase visibility and gain web traffic. Returns from PPC marketing also tends to be high if carried out strategically using the right set of keywords. Regularly analyze your web traffic to check for the best timings and the length of time for which the PPC ad should run.

Social media marketing

Social media provides an excellent platform for increasing sales, improving market reputation and acquiring new customers. Depending on your brand ideologies, different types of social media platforms may appeal to your audience. The key is to find the top 3 to 5 platforms where your target audience is most likely to be present in large numbers. Then curate content specifically for each platform making them unique for the audiences who may be present on multiple platforms that your business is using.

Audiences can be targeted using a wide range of tools available on different social media channels. Since every platform has large data repositories of consumer behavior and demographics, targeting your audience through these channels is very easy.

Influencer marketing

This is the word of mouth advertising version of digital marketing. Even the best digital marketing services company identifies influencer marketing as an excellent way to engage with customers and increase sales. Influencers are people who usually have a large fan following. They are in a position to influence their audience to buy specific products or avail certain services.

When you plan to invest in influencer marketing, you must take the time to check how effectively the influencer engages with the audience. Additionally, it is important to find an influencer who can relate to your brand. Using personal interests and hobbies, you can promote your products or services through influencers who have a loyal fanbase that matches your target audience demographics.

Email marketing

It is one of the oldest and yet one of the most powerful types of digital marketing services. Email marketing has evolved like many other forms of digital marketing. The use of images and videos is now common in email marketing. Lengthy literature is usually avoided now and has been replaced by more visual content.

A lot of analysis goes into identifying a suitable subject line and topic for the emails. A well-thought-out email is considered to help you gain considerable returns. Many companies rely on this type of digital marketing for new customer acquisitions.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a collaboration between two businesses. You pay your affiliates a commission for generating traffic to your website. They may generate traffic through their blogposts or through their website advertisements. Amazon runs one of the most popular affiliate marketing campaigns. A digital marketing company connects with affiliates to market your website. The affiliates are paid a commission that you may have already agreed on.

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