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The secrets to becoming a good digital content writer

Every time I start a new project, I sit down to discuss content with my clients. And every time this happens, I get different answers about what clients may refer to as great content. Some feel that good SEO content writing requires a rich vocabulary. Others see good content as anything that is shared several times on social media or online websites. As a digital content writer, I continue to learn how to define good content. At this time, here’s what I have found important when it comes to identifying any content as good:

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Quality Digital content writing services are always customer-centric

The best way to identify if your content is good or not is to find out if it aligns with what your customers see as useful and valuable. Good content cannot be measured by the number of likes and shares it receives. Instead, it should be able to identify with your target audience. You can create clickbaits to get lots of people to visit a website or link, but that can hardly be good for the overall reputation of your brand. So, good content is very subjective. It always depends on your customers or target audience or prospective markets.

Good Digital content writer connects easily with your business goals

You can share funny videos on YouTube and still meet your business goals. This will depend on how you tie in the content with your business. Additionally, the way it is perceived by your audience will also make a difference. Good content always keeps your business goals in mind. If you are planning on improving your brand reputation, then your content should be focused on achieving this goal.

As a digital content writer, I spend a lot of time researching marketing campaigns. If you come across the Instagram account of Chef Kelvin Cheung, you would notice that his posts are as delightful as his culinary skills. He strikes a balance between his work and personal posts using his Instagram account to share bits of both with his audience.

His posts are effortless yet very engaging and attract adequate attention from his target audience. One reason is because he finds a way to tie in most of them to his work, helping him improve his market standing.

It clearly defines your brand’s personality and position

Since words are the best way to connect with your prospects, you use words to carefully position your brand and build an online personality for your business. Good content will make this process effortless for you.

Sotheby’s maintains an Instagram profile which mimics its personality as one of the world’s most popular auction houses. Scrolling through its posts, you will feel as if you were in one of the auctions listening to the incredible history behind a piece of art.

Brand positioning in social media platforms is crucial for new and seasoned brands to ensure their audiences continue to remain loyal customers. Good content makes this possible.

Digital content writer must make sure that content is original

Photographer Daboo Ratnani was recently trolled for plagiarism when he released the latest photos for his calendar. The photo in question showcased Kiara Advani. Many people found the photo to be similar to that of a photo taken by German photographer Maria Baersch.

While Ratnani has explained that he was only recreating one of his previous shoots with Tabu, the similarities between Kiara’s photo by Ratnani and that of Maria’s photo are too stark to contradict.

In this hyperconnected world, it is very easy to find out if you have been plagiarized. This is why originality is even more important now than it was ever before. My content writing services aim to provide my users with original content for every project.

Quality content always warrants accuracy of information

When the Amazon fires caused an uproar on social media, many celebrities took to posting about the fires. The problem was that several photos shared from celebrity accounts were old photos or photos of other locations. Celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio and Cristiano Ronaldo shared these inaccurately sourced photos on their social media accounts.

For brands, sourcing accurate information is important to build trust among their audiences. Misleading information can cause users to quickly defame the brand. Not only would you lose market reputation but also loyal customers. This is the reason why it is important to have a digital content writer who takes the time to research content accuracy.

Your users find value in your content

When we talk about good content, it mostly goes hand in hand with offering value to your audience. Any content which is considered informative or thought provoking or holds some value for readers will be shared more often. It will also receive higher engagements.

As a marketing content writer, I find it important for brands to share their thoughts and opinions with their users and urge users to respond to these opinions. It can create deeper connections and help you reach out to the right audience.

Well-written content is crisp

The age-old adage, brevity is wit, stands strong even today. Lengthy content does not guarantee more engagement. Your viewpoints should be crisply communicated to the readers. Short but well-written posts may end up doing better than long posts with little or no value for your readers.

It is ideal not to post anything rather than to post something that holds no value for your customers. Content curators must regularly search for fresh ideas and inspirations, which can be used by a brand.

I provide professional email writing services and content writing services to clients around the globe. My goal is to help clients enjoy higher returns on their investments in quality content. Through my services, I have helped several brands and business owners create a solid market standing. I keep your business goals in mind when I create and curate posts for your brand.

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