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How To Tell Story To Your Customers Through Social Media Content Network ?

Most of us, including big marketing firms, had predicted that social media would eventually be one of the best digital marketing channels. In the last couple of years, this has turned out to be true. Companies that were once competing for online real estate through websites are now competing for audience attention via social media content.

While websites remain at the heart of all marketing strategies, managing social media channels to create relevant web traffic for your website has become a valuable marketing tool.

So, how exactly could your social media accounts captivate your audiences through social media content? How can these platforms help you with higher web traffic and consequently increase conversions and business revenue?

Write for your audience

And not for your brand. The idea of SEO copywriting to promote a brand is so deeply ingrained among business owners, that they forget to put the focus on the consumers they are serving.

Influencers succeeded in putting the ball back into the consumer’s court. They voiced their opinions without sugar-coating it like brand advertisements or direct marketing strategies.

Social media prefers such raw and direct interactions that users can have directly with the brand and even personalities associated with the brand. Chefs, events, planners, models, and business leaders usually gain as much attention on social media as the brands that they are connected to.

These platforms are intended for more informal interactions with your consumers. Examples of such communications include behind-the-scenes videos, workplace photos, projects which are in progress, or direct interactions with your consumers.

You must use SEO writing, which supports such interactions. It helps position your brand as an approachable entity that always has its ears for consumers.

Learn to engage your audience through SEO content writing on the right channels

Social media platforms keep growing every day. Some brands prefer sticking to popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. But there are many other platforms that are utilized more effectively by other brands. They are able to generate higher revenue by using these less known platforms.

To use the right channel, you must compare your audience demographics with those of the social media platform you aim to use. There are lots of smaller niche platforms for specific industries or groups of people.

For example, Ravelry is a social networking platform used by several knitting and crochet enthusiasts. Similarly, Devianart is popular among graphic designers and artists. When you sell products or services catering specifically to these communities or workgroups, your content will be valued more on these niche platforms.

These smaller platforms have tightly knit communities where you can quickly generate interest and engage the audience. Your content writing should be directed precisely for the audience, trying to address common problems or challenges they may face. These interactions will help you build brand reputation, establish your brand as an authority in the field, and provide you with quality leads.

Create content relevant for the social media channel you are using

Imagine a brand post a message on Facebook and copies and pastes it to five other social media platforms. Since you are following that brand on all platforms, you end up seeing the same thing five times.

Does this create a positive experience for you concerning the brand?

Wouldn’t you value brands creating and curating content uniquely for the social media platforms they maintain their presence on?

For example, a brand can have a background voice say the same content on YouTube as it did not other platforms, or it can use a more effective video that presents the product or service through a story. Audiences are more likely to prefer the story than view the same content as posted on other social media channels.

Audiences on social media are less likely to wait and read long posts. Firms providing social media content writing services for social media typically keep posts between 50-100 words. You can create blogs for longer posts and capture the attention of your audience through witty or informational content in just a few lines.

Tell a story, create an experience, and build value

Social media users consume volumes of content every minute. They are always looking for authentic and unique content that adds value in one way or another. To gain success on social media, you must be able to weave beautiful stories and create experiences of a different kind.

Your content should be able to create a lasting impact, in the few seconds or minutes that you will be able to hold your audience’s screen space.

The stories you create for your readers can be long or short based on your writing and the storyline, but it must always be fascinating enough for your audiences to read it till the end. Avoid long stories if you feel the content is going to lose your reader’s attention.

Experiences can be created on social media by interacting with your consumers and providing them with behind-the-scenes views of your business or work.

Value can be added by sharing industry or company-specific content, which may not be available with your audiences.

By using creativity and interweaving it with information or facts, your content writing can quickly gain your consumer’s attention, lead them to your website and help you build quality leads.

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