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How Content Writing Services Address Pain Points of SMB?

My clients are mostly small and medium business owners. As a content writing services I regularly work on new strategies to effectively create and market quality content for them. A lot of my client interactions are focused on discussing pain points which I can address. Most of them have been common for all clients irrespective of the industry or the marketing goals.

Ideation and creation of relevant content

As basic as this may sound, the biggest problem even right now remains ideation. Business owners are still finding it difficult to actively create suitable content. I talked about the objectivity of content in the secrets to becoming a good digital writer.

The same content may work for one company and fail for another because of variable factors.

Your target audience, competition, the market and, your brand personality play a role in content ideation. We cannot have a gap between the content we create and the ideologies your brand represents.

This is the reason why clients prefer experienced professionals for content writing services. Experienced article writers will have a thorough understanding of content relevance and will do a better job at ideation. Their content is also more likely to be SEO friendly and more engaging.

Picking the most appropriate marketing channels

The next big concern for business owners has been the identification of the most effective marketing channels. With more digital marketing platforms available now, it is common to be caught in the problem of choice.

Businesses want to reach out to their audiences in as many ways as possible. But exploring every digital platform involves time, effort and capital. SMBs want to ensure efficiency in all these fronts.

So, it is important to explore the most viable and most feasible marketing channels for article writing or content promotion.

Building a marketing strategy that works

Part of my content writing services is to identify a marketing strategy that will ensure success. Any content produced without focus may reduce the success of the content even if it is amazing.

When we work on a marketing strategy, we have to consider existing trends and new ways in which digital marketing is being approached. Users look forward to more content or come back to your website to read more if you have newsworthy content.

If you are conducting business in a very niche market, this becomes even more difficult. You will be addressing a small audience. This means you must build a marketing strategy that can adapt to new ways of engagement and interaction.

Using the right tools and parameters to measure success

When I take up article writing projects, we also discuss the methods of measuring success. In some cases, the parameters are easy to identify and measure. But in other cases, it can be difficult to figure out the effectiveness of a content writing services project.

For example, working on establishing a brand reputation involves an elaborate marketing strategy. However, measuring success is difficult in a short time. A brand reputation cannot be identified by the number of clicks or shares.

A business may assess it using internal methods like a growing customer base or more customer contacts. There are limitations to identifying the success of such projects. It can take a long time to figure out if a brand has been able to create a positive market reputation.

Interconnecting your content with your business goals

Any content you create or curate must have some connection with your business goals. Failure in looking at your content through the lens of your business goals can mar its effectiveness. Business owners see this as a pain point because it isn’t always easy to create relevant content.

Having worked with several clients in different industries, many of my clients voice out the same concern. Any content must be the audience and market appropriate and should also be in line with your business goals.

This is the reason why content creators develop content in advance. It gives them enough time to analyze how relevant an article or any piece of content could be for your audience and your business.

Competing with spammers and black hat SEO websites

Lastly, businesses are constantly under the pressure of overcoming hurdles in digital marketing placed by professional spammers and black hat SEO specialists. I have personally found this to be a concern too.

My articles are designed to deliver a rich user experience. This means that I often work hard on creating unique and valuable articles. But this may end up being ranked lower because of professional spammers who may be exploiting high volume keywords in poorly put together content.

Google’s algorithm intends to combat this problem. But we still have spammers besting this out. It is a pain point discussed very often in our client interactions. The solution is to stick to your brand’s ingenuity and continue to provide excellence to discerning clients.

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